Who Are Betfair? and What They Offer?

Betfair is currently considered to be the largest internet betting exchange in the world. From the company’s headquarters in Hammersmith, West London, the company has offered players the chance to bet on everything from live sports through to online casinos and poker games. The company was listed on the London Stock Exchange, until it was merged with another large betting company called Paddy Power to form Paddy Power Betfair in February of 2016.

The company has more than 4 million customers, employing 1,800 people worldwide to help manage websites, administration costs and playing.

What Can You Bet On?

Betfaircasino.com which is a part of the same gambling company (Betfair) allows players to bet on a wide range of things, with sports, online casinos and poker all being available, amongst a host of other betting opportunities. The following are all provided by the main Betfair site:

Casino – The Betfair casino table games offer users the chance to simulate the feeling of being in a real casino, enabling them to play games like Blackjack and Roulette, alongside a host of games that are often attached to licensed properties, such as the Gladiator game or the Ace Ventura game.

Football – The company tracks football games from around the world, often offering hundreds of betting opportunities every single day on matches. Players can bet on full-time and half-time scores, in addition to a range of other betting options, such as high-low and whether or not both teams will score during a match.

Horse Racing – Betfair also offers people the chance to bet on horse racing from all over the world, offering odds that the company states are 20% better than their nearest rivals.

Poker – Betfair recognizes that Poker has become an extremely popular game in recent years, so it offers players the chance to play a few hands for themselves. An app is made available for those who want to be able to play the game on the go, plus the company arranges a number of daily tournaments with varying cash prizes.

The Arcade – The Betfair arcade functions much like the casino room, expect there is a little more focus on the previously mentioned licensed games and virtual spinners. Each game has a jackpot attached to it that tends to rise until a player strikes lucky and wins. Prizes as high as £500,000 are available.

Bingo – This game puts you up against a number of other live players as you all attempt to fill your cards to be the first to claim a ‘House.’ Cash prizes vary depending on the game and time of day, with ‘Millionaire’ bingo offering a main jackpot of £1,000,000.

Virtual Sports – If real sports aren’t your thing, you also get the chance to bet on virtual sports, with much of this area focused on virtual horse racing.

Awards and Recognition

Betfair has received a number of awards over the years for innovation within its field. The company founders received the Ernst and Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2003 and the company has also received Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in both the Innovation and International Trade categories.

A Primer on The European Football Championship

The UEFA European Football Championship is popularly referred to as Euro and followed by the year they’re played in. For example, the championship that was held in the year 2008 was referred to as ‘Euro 2008.’ It is the UEFA-managed competition of the men’s national football teams. Millions of people watching, and many people bet on this event. any respectable casino with sports offerings, like this one, provides you with odds for the tournament. The first ever European Football Championship was held in 1960 and since then, it is being held every four years. Formerly, it was called the UEFA European Nations Cup; the former name was changed in 1968.

The host nation qualifies automatically. Except the host nation, all the other teams wishing to participate in the tournament compete in a qualifying process. So far, a total of 13 European Championship tournaments have been held and nine different national football teams have won the tournament. The German national football team has been the most successful in the European Championship tournaments. It has qualified for the finals six times and has gone on to win the competition thrice. The French and the Spanish national football teams have won two titles each. Soviet Union (winner of the inaugural season), Italy, Greece, Denmark, Netherlands and Czechoslovakia have won the competition once each.

The previous edition (2008) of the European Football Championship was co-hosted by Austria and Switzerland and won by the Spanish national football team. The next (2012) edition of the championship will be co-hosted by Ukraine and Poland.

So how far can the Packers go this season ?

The green bay packers are a great team that built to last. The 2011 super bowl champ has a great foundation for long term success, and can build on great organization, with professionals running the show for several years now, with great results in drafting and developing players, which shows on the field almost every Sunday with great wins and domination across the board.

But even the mighty Packers can't control everything, and a big wave of injured players has heart the cheese heads significantly. And non other big time injury happened this past Sunday, as franchise quarterback Aaron Rogers broke his collarbone, and is expected to miss significant time. When you check the NFL odds at topbet, as well as other odds maker, you can already see the effect of Rodgers injury.

Considered to be the most important position in football, the quarterback position is critical for the team success. And finding a really good QB is no easy task. Rodgers is certainly in the great qb category, and his injury is a major blow for the packs. Even before that injury, the packers have suffered this season from other players going down, some in key positions. So the question now remains is, when will Rodgers return to play ?

If he can overcome the injury, and comeback in time to lead them again (and play well) the packers has a chance again to go into the playoffs and make some noise. They will have to win off course, without their number one QB, but can certainly do that, it's just not gone be that easy. The one thing that connects good super bowl winning teams is a solid quarterback play and beyond. When you have that, you will always have a chance, when you don't, it's almost impossible to come by with a win. It remains to be seen how the Packers brass will react to the injury, but if one team can overcome adversity and succeed it is the Green Bay Packers, soon enough, we will find out.

Tips on how to Bet on Sports

Placing a wager on the outcome of a sporting event is a time-honoured tradition and a sure way to spice up an evening of watching football on the telly. Traditionally, this meant making a phone call to a bookie or taking a walk to the nearest betting shop, but today we also use the iPhone or Android, or the household PC. What are some of the things we should look for when we bet on sports over the internet?

First and foremost, be sure that the betting site you choose is reputable and has been around for a while. After all, you are trusting them to be honest and above-board regarding odds, crediting your account, and all of the other things you would expect in a person-to-person transaction. Somewagering companies, like William Hill, have been around forever (they started in 1934, though not on the internet). Others may be a bit fly-by-night, so it's best to do a quick check with Google, or to ask some of your mates which sites they like.

Once you've settledon a site's bona fides, check out the payment methods and bonuses. Like a good player on a football team, you too can get a hefty sign on bonus with most sites. You may not become an instant millionaire, but look for upwards of £25, £50 or more when you make your first deposit. Most sites reward your continued custom with additional bonuses on the second or third deposit, and they may add an additional sum if you meet a minimum monthly betting amount. You may also be eligible for an instant bonus when you make a deposit via PayPal, NetTeller, Quick Cash, etc. - it's worth checking out before you make your deposits.

After all the money issues are settled, you can start to place some bets. Does the site let you just bet the winner/loser in a match, or can you also bet on the point spread or on which team will score first? Some advanced sites let you view streaming video from a contest as it actually happens, and even place bets while the ball is in play!

Even beyond the technological wonders available today, it's still nice to just have a chat with other punters to see how they feel. Some sites let you "follow" tipsters (or become a tipster yourself), to add a human dimension to the high-tech betting scene.

As you can see, the internet adds a huge amount of fun and flexibility when you want to bet on sports. Choose a site carefully, ante up some cash, and start placing your bets!

Worrying signs for Steelers in Wembley Flop

What the Pittsburgh Steelers needed last weekend was an escape from reality. Three games into the season and Mike Tomlin’s men still had not won a game – not even come close! – and the Betfair pundits had already written off their season.

There was optimism in the air on Sunday as escape was afforded them – the Steelers packing their bags and heading off the London for a NFL UK showdown with Minnesota at Wembley.

Sadly, flying 3,700 miles across the Atlantic, talking to a host of different media and waltzing down London’s NFL-clad Regent Street didn’t help the team on the field. Pittsburgh were just as bad as usual under the watchful gaze of 90,000 Brits as their secondary let Matt Cassel throw the Vikings to a 34-27 victory.

Fans who gambled on the event with Betfair saw how Cassel was given far too much room to pick out his receivers and both Greg Jennings and Adrian Petersen dazzled the British crowd. Ben Roethlisberger may have secured his obligatory touchdown but was tackled 16 seconds from time to end the quarterback’s – and his team’s – brief vacation in disappointment.

Pittsburgh were always playing catch-up on Sunday and now they’ll have to do it in the AFC North. Their 0-4 record confirms their worst start to a season since 1968 and they look unlikely to reverse this fortune any time soon – especially with the Jets and Ravens coming up.

One tiny solace for Tomlin is he now has a bye week. No team in the NFL needs restructuring more than Pittsburgh but the latest NFL betting odd suggest a plucky return to action when they visit the Metlife Stadium in two weeks time.